am Donnerstag, den 21.06. von 16:00-18:00 Uhr wird die nächste Forschungswerkstatt Rekonstruktive Inklusions- und Differenzforschung in der Pädagogischen Werkstatt stattfinden.

Diesmal wird Mari Vuorisalo, derzeit Gastwissenschaftlerin an der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, über ihr Post-Doc-Projekt „Children with a difference: Exploring the production of inequality in the daily-life of preschool“  sprechen, welches sie an der Universität Tampere in Finnland durchführt.

Hier das Abstract zum Vortrag:

„Children with a difference: Exploring the production of inequality in the daily-life of preschool“

The aim of my post-doctoral research project is to produce knowledge of the social and cultural processes within the preschool. In particular, the aim is to examine whether the diversities and individual differences with which young children daily enter the preschool are transformed into advantages and disadvantages – and finally inequalities between children. The research explores what happens in the micro level of preschool, and how the services handle the social diversity and individual differences of children. To understand more thoroughly the daily-life of the preschool also children’s resources afforded by their family background are investigated.

The study problematizes the tradition of Finnish preschool as a self-evident provider of equality in contemporary society and looks at processes which construct disadvantage out of difference in early childhood education and care settings. The main objective is to address the dynamic interplay between:

– the social structures and practices of preschool,

– the resources and the habitus afforded to children by their family background, and

– children’s relationships and interaction in preschool.

The theoretical ideas and methodological tools adopted in the study are derived from early childhood education, childhood studies, and relational sociology, particularly Pierre Bourdieu’s theory of practice. The data for this study are derived from an ethnographic involvement with the children and professionals of one preschool in a Finnish ECEC institution and with the children’s families.

In the workshop, I will first shortly present my project and then show some video data for a shared interpretation and discussion.

Mari Vuorisalo, PhD (Educ.)

Visiting research fellow at the Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

University Lecturer (Early Childhood Education and Care)

Faculty of Education

University of Tampere